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Everyone deserves a pair of shoes

on February 10, 2012

This week I attended a fascinating steering meeting of the Let Nature Feed Your Senses project, for which I am the regional co-ordinator in the South East.  It’s a wonderful project getting people who wouldn’t normally have access to the countryside, out onto farms and engaging with where their food comes from using all their senses.  The project has been an inspiration to be involved in and I have met many wonderful people along the way. 

We have people on our farm with disabilities, families from deprived areas and an section of society that hasn’t been tapped into at all it seems, visits from the elderly living in care homes. 

Sensory deprivation is a real issue amongst our oldest, most treasured members of society. We are so used to being able to engage all our senses that we don’t even consider it most of the time, but imagine not knowing what the weather was doing today, not smelling the summery smell of freshly cut grass, nor hearing the birds chattering in the trees or feeling the cold wind, the wet rain, the warm sun on your face?

Imagine not owning a pair of shoes.

When one of my colleagues in the South West spoke about an elderly resident turning up to the farm in slippers because they owned no shoes it was heart wrenching.

In Britainwe are obsessed with the bloody weather! I look on my twitter and facebook feeds and you can guarantee that every day at least one person (probably many more) will have commented or complained about the weather.  My life particularly is affected a great deal by the weather. 

Imagine being completely removed from this simple but important part of all our lives. We also find that many of the elderly people that come out onto our farms used to work with the land themselves in their youth, meaning that reminiscences are always very lively. People who have not engaged with anyone or anything in years suddenly ‘come alive’!

This is one of the MANY reasons why the LNFYS project is so fantastic their website is a great resource, well worth a look.

I believe a society should be judged on how it treats its weakest and most vulnerable members, every time I read the news and see the poor, the old and the disabled being demonised I feel very sad.  Being involved with LNFYS is one really great thing I can do to try and address that.


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